Shar Pei Rescue/Adoption

Because of the population of animals, pet rescues are probably one of the best things that has happened to dogs of all breeds, sizes and colors.  A Shar Pei rescue is a place for dogs to go when they have nowhere else.  It’s the same principal as a homeless shelter for humans, just with different residents.  Inhabitants of the dog rescues range in behaviors, and the rescue mission does their best to place them in homes that suit their apparent personality. 

Unfortunately, the humane societies and shelters do not have room for all animals that need a place, and sometimes they end up being placed in puppy mills or in some cases, being euthanized.  This is where you come in if you have made the decision not to buy your Shar Pei from a breeder or pet store. 

While puppies in humane society need adopted and loved, they sometimes come with problems that the prospective owner should consider before making the commitment.  Sometimes the animals are perfectly fine, but other times they have histories and behaviors that can be difficult to overcome. 

Background Check and Fitting

When someone comes in wanting to adopt a dog from an adoption center or shelter, they are screened for income, living conditions, safety mishaps, and in some places, a criminal background check. This is to assure that the puppies being adopted out are being placed in a respectable home where their best interest in mind. 

Sometimes, the Shar Pei adoption doesn’t work out as planned, and most places will offer a return policy because they have the dog’s best interest in mind.  It’s a wonderful system for dogs who have no home, and who deserve to be saved from abusive situations or stray situations.

The Greatest Gift

Shar Pei adoption is by far the single greatest gift you can give to a puppy in need.  A Shar Pei in need of a home is likely to have some issues that you may or may not be aware of.  Shar Pei adoption comes with an uncertain history and it is best that you and your family be prepared for the worst, and if the situation turns out better, it will be a nice surprise. 

Animal shelter dogs are known for having behavioral problems, as many of them have been taken to the shelter away from an abusive situation. This creates not only a fear response, but an aggression response as well.  The Shar Pei adoption center will tell you as much as they know about the history and background of the dog you are thinking of purchasing, but they are often uncertain, and you are left with guessing games. 

If you have children, you best bet would be to find a dog that you are almost certain didn’t come from an abusive home.  If that is not certain, bring your children into the dog’s safety zone such as the shelter, and see how he reacts.  If your children and the dog get along well, consider a test run at your home, but do not get your hopes set on the situation working out. 

You may become wholly attached to the dog, but your children should be your first concern, and if the dog has aggression issues, he may well take it out on your children.  If after reading this information you are still considering a Shar Pei adoption, catch yourself up on the top ten Shar Pei rescue mistakes that are frequently made, so that you don’t have to make them yourself.


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